Fitness Puzzle Program by Fit at Fifty Samantha

     The Mission of the Fitness Puzzle is to provide an actionable plan for people of all body types, and provide nutrition and exercise guidance that is applicable and effective regardless of your starting point.
    My goal is to share this knowledge with others and help people get into the best shape of their lives.
    Health, wellness, and fitness have many variable factors. Often the lasting solution is not a simple solution. To fit your lifestyle the pieces must work together. However, change does not come to people unwilling to change habits. Be open to the solution and do it.

   Wishing you all the best for implementing the pieces to your own fitness revolution,

Samantha Bowman

Fit at Fifty Samantha

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Read what others have said about Samantha's training program:

   "My experience training with Samantha has been nothing short of awesome! I was completely clueless about how to get started with weights and resistance training and she has been a great (and patient) teacher! The benefits have been obvious and I have noticed that I feel much stronger and look more toned. She also offers nutrition coaching and helps me identify areas where I am holding myself back. All in all, she is awesome!" Sarah F.

   "Samantha's story is so relatable. As I have aged, I still worked at being fit and trim; however, it was not coming with cardio and classes. When I went to work with Samantha, she gave me a program that worked for me! She is very knowledgeable and passionate. While I look at other programs and exercises, I always use Samantha's as the baseline exercise program to work from because I know it works. I highly recommend her -- she really is good at what she has done and what she can help you do." Gloria M.

    "Good morning Samantha, I was standing in the mirror a few minutes ago and I noticed how much my body has changed in the few weeks we've been working together. Then I was multitasking while eating my oats and realized that I was enjoying them a lot, without cream, sweeteners or spices. What a change! Thanks so much for creating a path to wellness." A.W.

March 2018 / Fit at Fifty Samantha
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